Relational Wisdom Coaching & Seminars

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Patti Damiani is a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor for Ken Sande of RW360.


Discovering Relational Wisdom is a live, one-day seminar designed to provide an introduction to relational wisdom. It is highly interactive, involving teaching, viewing and analysis of numerous video clips, group discussions, and application exercises. Students leave with a detailed Study Guide and a Personal RW Action Plan that includes practical homework and ongoing exercises that will encourage them to continue learning and applying relational wisdom in their daily lives.  The seminar was developed by Ken Sande, author of The Peacemaker and founder of RW360 and The Peacemakers International.


Relationships can be tricky. So much depends on not only what we say but in how we say it. Relational coaching helps you navigate well through the crucial conversations – not only to preempt potential conflict but also in how to utilize conflict as a catalyst to deepen relational health with your staff team, within your family, as well as with individual relationships. For example, how often have leaders set goals and structures for their team to accomplish an agreed upon mission – only in the end to have those plans sabotaged due to weak relational dynamics? Relational Wisdom Coaching can help you navigate through relational team conflict and learn how to redirect your team back on course with biblical principles of relational wisdom and conflict resolution.