The Myths of Marriage

SmallMarriageJust as a plant is only as fruitful and vibrant as the health of its root system – so our lives, marriages, and families are only spiritually strong and relationally healthy to the extent that our thinking is Biblically rooted.  Outward behavior, attitudes and emotions are merely the fruit of a person’s life.  But what fuels the behavior?  Feeds the attitudes? Ultimately drives and determines every choice we make?  It’s our thought life.  Our core belief system. For this reason, the Marital Myths Seminar is targeted to go a bit deeper than surface answers and solutions to issues such as communication problems, hurtful responses during and after conflict; financial mismanagement; etc.  Each session of this seminar is specifically designed to expose and then help ‘dig out’ the rotten roots of wrong thinking that have longed plagued so many Christian lives and marriages.


If My Spouse Would Only Change…then…(fill in the blank!)

This insidious myth is arguably the most deceptive and pervasive in marriages today. In this initial session, we expose the two root lies that feed this myth along with the Biblical truth that brings us freedom instead of ongoing frustration in our lives and marriages.

I Married You…Not Your Family!

This insightful session includes assignments that help couples to honestly examine how their family of origin influenced and affected their present day thinking and reactions – including in their marriage and family relationships. It is a very interactive session, often mixed with laughter and tears, that enhances deeper level communication and understanding.

Arguments Are To Be Won (or) Conflict Avoided

In this session, we openly explore the biblical truth about conflict – including the reasons behind our wrong reactions. In contrast, we will learn how to make conflict our friend, not our enemy; an opportunity for greater growth, not an obstacle from it; a stepping stone for greater relational intimacy, not a stumbling block to it.

We Just Can’t Communicate

This session is also very interactive with brief, practical ‘in session’ assignments to equip couples in how to hear each other’s hearts…and hurts.

Just ignore Hurts and Stuff Away Pain – Time Will Heal Them

This particular deception keeps more Christians – married or not – in spiritual bondage and personal misery than any other! The truth: stuffed down, stored away pain never heals – it only ultimately embitters our spirit; distances our relationships; and hardens our hearts. In this session, we will learn how to biblically process our hurts to forgive from the heart in a way that frees our lives and restores broken relationships.

If We Only Had More Money

This particular financial myth sounds so true and has so permeated our culture for so long – it is little wonder why many Christian couples today are deceived by this myth! This session is also very practical – ultimately focusing on how God purposes with money to grow his children toward true contentment and maturity.