Relational Wisdom Training


Learn the essentials of Relational Wisdom - Going Beyond Emotional Intelligence.


  • Incrementally learn the skills through a combination of lecture, discussion and application in an online group setting.
  • 6 sessions - 1.5 hrs each
  • Groups limited to 10
  • $99  (Discount of $20 if combined with coaching package)


  • Take your team or group through RW training where skills are learned as a team, applying them throughout the training to the specific relationships and team focus.
  • 6 Sessions - 1.5 hrs each

Relational Wisdom Coaching

Gain traction in developing your emotional intelligence. 

Package includes:  Assessment and Consultation session along with 6 additional sessions to move you forward in implementing relational wisdom skills.  $700 (Valued at $900)

Group Seminars & Retreats

SEMINARS:  6 hours of instruction provided in either 1 day or 2 days (Friday eve. & Sat a.m.)

RETREATS:  4 to 5 sessions throughout retreat

Training & Coaching

•  RW 6 week session, assessment, consultation and 6 coaching sessions.

•  RW team training, individual assessment and consultation, team assessment and consultation, and 6 coaching sessions per person.


Patti Damiani is a Certified Relational Wisdom Instructor for Ken Sande of RW360.


Kim B

Patti is a wonderful Relational Wisdom coach.  In discussing relationships and circumstances unique to my circumstances, she demonstrated an incredible ability to drill down to the heart of the matter and ask the questions that reveal all of the emotions and motives involved.  She listened to understand and then offered wise counsel wrapped in grace.  Her knowledge of God’s Word, sense of humor, and humble spirit, combined with her passion to see me in right relationship with God, myself, and others, allowed her to be amazingly effective in encouraging me to be relationally wise."

Lauren O, Women's Ministry and Pastors wife

Patti Damiani touched our lives when she came and spoke to the women at our church. Her message was filled with love, humility and everyday practicality. Patti is a phenomenal speaker, dynamic, personal and sincere. She comes as a true servant of the Lord with the goal to honor Christ in the content of her message for the purpose of love, preference and unity among the Bride of Christ. I have strongly recommended Patti as a speaker to several women's ministries as well the Relational Wisdom 360 course."